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Sara Braun, born in Talsen, Russia, was a distinguished lady of the Magellan society. She arrived in Chile at the age of 12, her parents being Elías Braun and Sofía Hamburguer, founders of the Braun family in Magallanes.

Sara Braun married José Nogueira, one of the most remarkable pioneers in the Southern tip of America. Nogueira was a Portuguese immigrant who arrived in Punta Arenas in 1868 and commenced the local Merchant Navy by 1870. He became a fur seal hunter and initiated farming by occupying the farmland of Peckett Harbour to graze cattle and some time later, to raise sheep brought from the Falkland Islands. After his death in 1893, Sara assumed the administration of all these enterprises..


A few years later, Ms. Braun constituted the firm Sara Braun Livestock and Commercial Co., which became one of the largest companies in the Patagonian territory. By 1925, the society was in possession of the stations Peckett Harbour and Cabo Negro, holding 45,000 heads of cattle. Its properties were over 864,865 acres in the Argentinean side of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. In Punta Arenas, Ms. Braun owned a commercial house, as well as a steamer, for shipping provisions to her farming settlements. Together with her brother Mauricio, she founded the firm Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego (1893) for the 2,471,044 acres the government had granted Nogueira on a lease contract.


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